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Okinawa In My Head

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  1. By Arami on
    Oh my goodness, this was beautiful. Do yourself a favor and watch this amazing, eye-opening documentary. I'm showing this one to my ish year old parents for sure, so maybe they will get some tips. It really honed in on the importance of maintaining muscle mass and bone strengthening, the importance of love, family, and eating healthy foods.
  2. By Tum on
    So, each day at Okinawa is spent innovating ways to build machines that leave a mark. Because a quality innovation is one that increases the joy, decreases the effort, and minimizes the emission. Okinawa Connectivity. With the Okinawa connected app, you hold the digital key to your smart scooter and the quickest route.
  3. By Aragrel on
    Discover Voices In My Head .Okinawa T-Shirt from Okinawa Designed Tees& More, a custom product made just for you by Teespring. With world-class production and customer support, your satisfaction is guaranteed. - Yes Listen to the Voices Go to Okinawa! You.
  4. By Akijora on
    Harvey Keitel -- a former Marine and a staple of Quentin Tarantino movies -- points to my shipmate running the camera and says, “Thanks for getting us there to do the job!” He also gives an “Ooh-rah!” to his fellow Marines and thanks us for our service. More stars arrive, and my head is buzzing.
  5. By Jutaxe on
    Source. Cape Manza, or Manzamou in Japanese, is perched atop the western side of Okinawa island, and fronts the expansive South China Sea. It’s literal translation depicts a field with the capacity to seat 10, people – an apt description given it’s grassy and relatively level cliff top.
  6. By Nakora on
    I left the National Theatre Okinawa humming the melody from the female character in my head, feeling highly enriched from the cultural experience and looking forward to adding the memory of it to my ticket stub collection. Above all, I was curious to learn more about Ryukyuan performing arts. Address: Jitchaku, Urasoe City, Okinawa.
  7. By Gasar on
    If you want to get the most out of a visit to Okinawa and like to be active while you are on holiday, then make sure you head to Iriomote. This island is close to Ishigaki Island and it is known for having an interior which is covered in thick jungle.
  8. By Voodooktilar on
    Hop on a train and head over to Shurijo (aka Shuri Castle) station to grab a bowl of Okinawa soba at Shuri Soba (首里そば). Okinawa soba is like the best of both worlds between ramen and udon. The broth is light, the noodles chewy, and it’s usually topped with .
  9. By Nikokinos on
    The Battle of Okinawa is one of the bloodiest and most tragic chapters of the Pacific war, claiming the lives of , Japanese troops, , Okinawan civilians and 12, American servicemembers.

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